What is Vasona List?

Vasona List is a social checklist application. It provides a simple way for you to write down a task and have you cross it off once it's done. With the ability to share via email, SMS or social media channels, you can share with co-workers, friends and family in order to update yourself with the diverse items people add to your created lists. It generates well-formatted work reports to give your supervisor a complete understanding of what you have accomplished. Vasona List reminds you of created lists so that you won't forget when you're supposed to start the selected task. Vasona List’s clean and smart design will keep you focused on your goals. With Vasona List, you're relaxed, knowing that you can always have a productive day.

Vasona List is the most proficient tool to organize your lists. It includes shopping lists, to-do lists, travel lists, and lots more. Get wise and take advantage of this app for FREE – on either iPhone or Android.

Feature Details

  • Create Social Checklists

    You can create work daily report, shopping lists, to-do lists, travel lists, and even work documents with just one click.

  • Add Items Efficiently

    Whenever you think of something to add to your lists, just type it into your lists and everything is saved immediately in the app.

  • Share Lists Anywhere

    You can share tasks between family members or co-workers through email, SMS and social media with bullet points in a nice format; With Vasona List, planning and organizing collaborative work projects become easier.

  • Create Work Reports

    You can create work reports, meeting agendas and progress status reports with the easy-to-use platform, and generate professional formats to share with co-workers.

  • Web View

    Every list/report you share will be attached with a WebView link. Receivers are not only receiving the list/report in text format, but also a link to display the list for them so they can also access the list/report. Receivers don’t have to download Vasona List, but still experience Vasona List’s benefits.

  • Login Multiple Devices
    (Paid Users)

    You can sync your lists and reports to the cloud so whenever you switch devices, your list/work status will always be with you.

  • Personalized Sharing

    Not only can you share lists with other people who have Vasona List, but you can also add personal messages and notes with the lists you share.

  • Priority Setting

    You can set priorities for important items. The starred items will be moved to the top so important work can be done early.

  • Copy and Move

    You can copy or move items from list to list or even copy the entire list to a new list.

  • Reminders

    List reminders will remind you when your work needs to be done. Notifications allow you to snooze with different time intervals or simply disable the alarm.

  • Sub-lists and Notes

    You can add sub-lists and notes to each of your items in your list so things can be organized in a perfect way.

  • Pre-set Lists

    Vasona List creates different kinds of ready-to use lists for you to use, share or copy into your own lists such as camping, trip-packing, birthday, college dorm, wedding lists, etc.

  • Delete or Archive

    You can either delete your old lists or archive them for future usage so your app screen can look nice and clean.

  • Cross off Tasks

    Show some sense of achievement by crossing off tasks you have finished so that you can easily see what hasn’t been done on the list.

  • Supports 11 Languages

    Vasona List supports 11 languages so far. We have Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese, but we will add more in the future.

Creation and Organization of Checklists

As fun as shopping is, it can also be stressful. The same applies to chores when they’re not well organized. Traveling isn't left out of the picture as things can go bad when you forget to pack something important. Vasona List combines all the functions you need to achieve simple tasks in an efficient way. You can create specific, individual lists for different stores, occasions, or situations, which are distinct enough to minimize confusion. You can keep adding items to lists you've made and set an alert time (with an ability to "snooze" if you want to postpone the task). You can either type or use voice entry to speak your tasks into a list. It's flexible, easy-to-use, and helps you achieve your goals.

Schedule Reminders When You Need Them

There are too many things to remember, and some things are just too trivial to keep in mind. You might have various tasks to complete within a short time frame and are wondering how to go about it. You might also be worried about how to focus on certain activities, but with Vasona List, you’ll finally have the key to accomplishing vital tasks. Vasona List has prompt notifications that inform you when things need to be completed, meaning you can stay on top of your schedule wherever you are. All you have to do is set the alarm, and get the task done before deadline.

SMS, Email, or In-App Sharing

Not all tasks can be finished by a single person. When someone is shopping for groceries, need a reminder to call a coworker, or running an errand, it would be beneficial for you to share your list with them to remind them what to do. Just like you can share tasks between family members, you can also share checklists with everybody on your team. With Vasona List, planning and organizing collaborative work projects becomes easier. Vasona List allows you to share your lists with people on social media, through SMS, email, or other mobile apps, while retaining the beautiful arrangement of the list. You can also write a note alongside the list for further clarifications, or simply to add your personal touch and feel.

Move or Copy Items Easily from List to List

Sometimes things can't be done all at once and require completion at a later time. For example, if you aren't able to finish some task in your to-do list, you can just move the work to next week's to-do list. Vasona List helps you move items from one list to another easily. You can copy the entry list to a new or existing list so no task is missing.

Sub-Listing of Items

This helps you finish your tasks in an accurate way. Sometimes you need to add details to tasks in order to finish the work in a specific way. Vasona List creates sub-lists for each item in your list so things can be done with more precision. For instance, if you are going to pick up your kids from school, you might have to accomplish other errands while you're out, such as bringing their jackets for them, paying the checks for tuition, or returning the umbrella that you borrowed the other day. You could then add "pick up kids" to be one of the items in the to-do list and add "bring a jacket, pay check, and return umbrella" to the sub-list. It saves time and helps you remember smaller details.

Ready-to-Use Lists for Different Purposes

Creating lists consumes a lot of time but with a great tool like Vasona List, it automatically creates many lists for you to use in different categories such as camping, traveling, shopping, and college packing. You can copy entire lists or just some items into your own lists.

Multilingual Capacity

Vasona List is a multilingual app with English as the default language. Other available languages include Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. Conscious efforts would be made to add other preferred languages.

New Features to Watch Out for

We're excited to let you know that we are always improving Vasona List, which means the next version of Vasona List would be stronger and faster. You’ll be able to add files and pictures, and put every item in order to effectively organize your day.

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